World famous vedic astrologer, occult healer and tarot cardconsultant, Mr Nitin Manchanda, known for his apt and correct readingof horoscope, will help you to emerge out of all your difficulties likelove life, finance, education, marriage, children and rise and shine inlife. Through his effective remedial measures one can attain all theprosperity and be victorious.

Since a decade, he has been giving deep insight into birth charts, financial issues, marital problems and with his experience, predictsone's past, present and future with great accuracy. A disciple of Mr.Jeevan Pathak (then a research scholar in Bharati Vidya Bhawan) andMr. G.S Aggarwal (Member of Indian Council of Astrological Science andVice Chairman Cum Faculty Member of I.C.A.S-Chandigarh), Mr NitinManchanda has helped people overcome various obstacles like parentallongevity, health issues. Having high profile clients like businesstycoons, filmstars, he is not only well known in India but also abroad. He is working with The Imperial Hotel.

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